The Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol. 76, No. 1 – January 2014

1-18 Mark 1:1-15: A “New Evangelization” by Richard J. Dillon

19-39 The History of Legal Theory and the Study of Biblical Law by Joshua Berman

40-57 “Associative Meanings” in the Character Evaluation of Lot’s Daughters by Jonathan Grossman

58-76 The Affirmation of Prophetic Power and Deconstruction of Royal Authority in the Elisha Narratives by Walter Brueggemann and Davis Hankins

77-92 Storing Up Treasure with God in the Heavens: Celestial Investments in Matthew 6:1-21 by Nathan Eubank

93-111 Assessing Stanley E. Porter’s Objections to Richard B. Hays’s Notion of Metalepsis by Alec J. Lucas

112-113 Biblical News

114-160 Book Reviews: Joan E. Cook, S.C., and Linda M. Maloney

161-190 Collected Essays

191-195 Books Received