Christianity Today Vol.58, No. 2 – March 2014

7 Editor’s Note: Andy Crouch says disciples need more than data.

9 Reply All: Readers respond to the December issue via letters, tweets, and blogs

Cover Story

28 The Bible in the Original Geek: Inside the world of the new bible coders – and how they will change the way you read Scripture.


13 Witness: Putting the cross literally in the middle of Ukraine’s protests.

14 Gleanings:

[Theologian’s books get abuse disclaimer, newspaper apologizes to Pat Robertson, and who actually evangelizes.]

16 Headlines:

[Why Native Americans make great missionaries, a Chinese cult pushes churches toward the state, and Colorado churches consider legal pot.]

17 Under Discussion:

[Was the Bill Nye-Ken Ham debate (or any other celebrity debate) pointless?]


21 Where We Stand: A Chance to Grow

23 Hermeneutics: How Jen Pollock Michel slowly became a complementarian.

24 Open Question: Drew Dyck, Kenda Creasy Dean,and Eddie Gibbs help us hold on to the ‘nones.’

26 Past Imperfect: David Neff questions the death penalty on biblical grounds.


49 Books:

Gordon T.Smith’s Called to Be Saints, review by Christopher A. Hall

Trillia J. Newbell’s United, review by David Swanson

Excerpt: The Good of Politics, by James W. Skillen

Interview: Halee Gray Scott’s Dare Mighty THings
36 LAMENT FOR A DIVIDED CHURCH: Global GJospel Project

[Why the ecumenical movement keeps working to overcome fraying in the body of Christ.]

By Sarah Hinlicky Wilson


[Jen Hatmaker is joining the lineup of ‘super-Christian’ reality TV stars. She just wants to love her neighbors.

Interview by Kate Shellnutt

[How missionary survivors are organizing and spealdng out like never before.]

By Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

80 Testimony: Locker room talk led to NFL player Derwin Gray’s change of heart.