Counseling Today Vol. 56, No. 9 – March 2014

Cover Story

32 In search of wellness By Laurie Meyers
[The counseling profession has embraced a wellness perspective throughout its history, but the concept continues to evolve as today’s counselors explore what it means for clients to become truly “whole.”]

42 Getting to know you By Stacy Notaras Murphy
[Proponents of personality assessments say they offer clients a wealth of opportunities for self-discovery, while also strengthening the therapeutic alliance and helping to chart a course for more effective treatment.]

48 Knowledge Share: The toughest kinds of groups By Christine Schimmel & Ed Jacobs

[To reduce their own anxiety and lead effective groups, counselors might need to tap into creative strategies -especially if group members just don’t want to be there.]

54 The art and craft of psychobiography By Joseph G. Ponterotto

[Counselors may be surprised to find they are expertly and naturally equipped to apply their professional skill set to this fascinating research endeavor.]

66 Opinion: Counselors and the clinical staging model By Allen E. lvey & Mary Bradford lvey

[A model developed by an Australian psychiatrist for integrated treatment of serious mental health disturbance among youth challenges the concept of diagnosis and demonstrates the centrality of counselors in the mental health system.]


12 Deconstructing the DSM-5

17 Risk Management for Counselors

18 Pages of Influence: Patricia Arredondo

22 Through a Glass Darkly

26 Counselor Career Stories: Jeff Hensley

28 Private Practice Strategies

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