World Vol. 29, No. 5 – March 2014

Cover Story

34 Houston: a semisweet land of liberty
[The U.S. economy is bogged down, but Houston is growing rapidly, looking past problems, and proclaiming, ‘You CAN make it here.’]

42 Fargo: No longer Far-gone
[Fargo, N.D., is a suddenly popular place to live for students, immigrants, and young families.]

46 Finding cities of prosperity in a land of (unequal) opportunity
[A recent study discovers surprising prosperity pockets in the United States where family and neighborhood makeup best determine a bright economic future.]


48 Sidewalk speech
[Pro-life counselors take to the Supreme Court laws to restrict their quiet but effective work.]

52 Overcoming the headlines
[The Somali-American community in Minneapolis-one of the largest in the West-takes on militancy and bad news from Somalia, even as terrorists work to recruit immigrants from afar.]


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