Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol. 50 No. 2 – April 2014


134 A Second Look: The God of Islam and the God of the Bible
By Gary Corwin

222 In the 20/30 Gap: Learning Curve in Rwanda: A Long Journey of Transformation By Debby Thomas

226 From Homogeneous to a Heterogeneous Unit Principle
By Erik Hyatt

234 Excellence in Missions: What Does the Future of the Traditional Mission Agency Look Like?  By Eldon Porter

240 Book Reviews

138 Surmounting Community Honor and Islamic Law in Muslim Culture By Ron Coody

[Church planters must reckon with the problem of how to stimulate Muslims to think creatively outside the boundaries put down by the community.]

148 Seeking Asian-American Theologies
By Miriam Adeney with Boon Chayavichitsilp, Jodi Gatlin, Jennifer Gebhart, Megan Hamshar, and Kevin Moxon

[A group of graduate students uncover theologies of Asian-Americans at the grassroots level.]

158 Millennials and Mission: Demystifying and Unleashing a Generation By Jim Raymo

[Risking, winning, failing, and growing along with the millennials can result in a staggering blessing for the advance of God’s kingdom.]

168 A Closer Look at Adult Children of the Mentally Ill in Missions
By Vicki Hornung Reyes

[An overview of mental illness and the potential blessings and challenges of having missionaries who come from families with mental illness.]

178 Business as Mission under Scrutiny By Christopher R. Little

[If mission historians and theologians are to positively assess Business as Mission, they will need to take into consideration seven cautions.]

188 Mobilization Lessons from the Life of Jesus By Mark Stebbins

[In our mobilization, we must have the right foundation laid through depth in God’s word, prayer, and time with people.]

194 Must-haves for Innovation in Missions By Larry B. Jones

[Achieving a culture of creativity in the context of missions brings with it significant leadership challenges, but also holds the promise of greater effectiveness.]

204 New Narratives toward a Biblical Response to Animism: Perspective from Church History and Scripture By Kelvin Onongha

[The author shares selected scripture passages as heuristic devices to teach lessons relevant to the worldviews of animistic peoples.]

214 Eighteen Leaders Discuss the Mission of Jesus Christ Today By Paul E. Johnson

[An interview with some of the top mission leaders about the mission of Jesus in the world today.]