Time Vol. 183, No. 12 – Spring 2014

4 Editor’s Desk


7 Verbatim

8 LightBox: Venezuela’s national guard blasts back against protesters

10 World: Turmoil in Libya; Nigerians dying for work; web domains for cities

12 Dispatch: Russia’s imperial hubris in Crimea

14 Nation: Reducing immigrant­ detention quotas; regulating the ride­ sharing business

20 Tech: In-store beacons to track shoppers’ phones

22 Science: New evidence for the Big Bang

26 Milestones: Farewell to comedian David Brenner


28 The Curious Capitalist: Rana Foroohar on GM’s recall crisis


30  Maps and Legends: Technology is no match for geography in global conflicts
by Robert D. Kaplan

36   The Disappearance of Flight 370: How the Malaysia Airlines jet slipped through the world’s web of surveillance
By Hannah Beech and Nikhil Kumar

42 A Place in the Sun: To fix LA, Mayor Eric Carcetti may have to reinvent everything but the weather by Kate Pickert

46  Small Engines: A high-end watch factory is helping drive a change in fortunes for Detroit manufacturing by Stacy Perman


52   Movies: The marketer who helps Hollywood find religion

56   Art: What to see at the Whitney Biennial

58   Reviews: Divergent converges on a YA trend; vintage Cash; the neurotic Nymphomaniac

60   Pop Chart: Alyson Hannigan; sprucing up Scrabble; the ice cream cleanse

62 T  he Awesome Column: Joel Stein on being miscast as himself

64    10 Questions: Pop musician Beck