Journal of Psychology & Theology Vol. 42 No.1 – April 2014

Special Issue: Humility, Religion, and Spirituality

3     Humility, Religion, and Spirituality:Introduction to the Special Issue
By Joshua N. Hook and Don E. Davis ‘

7     Intellectual Arrogance and Intellectual Humility: An Evolutionary-Epistemological Account
By Aiden P. Gregg and Nikhila Mahadevan

19     Intellectual Humility: Scale Development and Theoretical Elaborations in the Context of Religious Leadership
By Stacey E. McElroy, Kenneth G. Rice, Don E. Davis, Joshua N. Hook, Peter C. Hill, Everett L. Worthington, Jr., and Daryl R. Van Tongeren

31     A Social-Personality Perspective on Humility, Religiousness, and Spirituality
By Wade C. Rowatt, Linda L. Kang, Megan C. Haggard, and Jordan P. Labouff

41     Humbling Yourself Before God: Humility as a Reliable Predictor of Lower Divine Struggle
By Joshua B. Grubbs and Julie J. Exline

50     Intellectual Humility and Reactions to Opinions About Religious Beliefs
By Cameron R. Hopkin, Rick H. Hoyle, and Kaitlin Toner

62     A Meaning-Based Approach to Humility:Relationship Affirmation Reduces Worldview Defense
By Daryl R. Van Tongeren, Jeffrey D. Green, Timothy L. Hulsey, Cristine H. Legare, David G. Bromley, and Anne M. Houtman

70     Attachment to God and Humility: Indirect Effect and Conditional Effects Models
By Peter J. Jankowski and Steven J. Sandage

83     Virtues Develop From a Secure Base: Attachment and Resilience as Predictors of Humility, Gratitude, and Forgiveness By Carissa Dwiwardani, Peter C. Hill, Richard A Bollinger, Lashley E. Marks, Justin R. Steele, Holly N. Doolin, Sara L. Wood, Joshua N. Hook, and Don E. Davis

91     Therapists’ Multicultural Orientation: Client Perceptions of Cultural Humility, Spiritual/ Religious Commitment, and Therapy Outcomes By Jesse Owen, Terrence A Jordan II, Darren Turner, Don E. Davis, Joshua N. Hook, and Mark M. Leach

99     The Quiet Virtue Speaks: An Intervention to Promote Humility
By Caroline R. Lavelock, Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Don E. Davis, Brandon J. Griffin, Chelsea A Reid, Joshua N. Hook, and Daryl R. Van Tongeren

111     Humility, Religion, and Spirituality: An Endpiece By Don E. Davis and Joshua N. Hook

118     Journal File

123     Featured Review

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