Counseling Today Vol. 56 No.10 – April 2014


32    Ages and stages By Laurie Meyers

[People don’t suddenly stop moving through developmental stages as they age, which means a continuing need exists for counselors to help older adults as they encounter new life challenges and transitions.]


42    Working through the hurt By Bethany Bray

[A cloud of myths and stigma can obscure the issue of domestic violence, but counselors are often positioned to shine light on a path toward recovery and hope.]

50    Beyond cultural competence By Carlos P. Hipolito-Delgado

[Communities of color need counselor allies who are willing to develop genuine connections and rapport and who are committed to promoting social justice for the communities’ members.]

56    Sex offender therapy: A battle on multiple fronts By Michael Hubbard

[In working to treat this challenging client population, counselors often find themselves fighting against both public perception and the perceptions of their own colleagues.]

62    Group process from a diversity lens By Lee Mun Wah

[Rather than avoiding issues of diversity and cultural differences, group leaders should aspire to deepen the conversation and strengthen the connection between members in multicultural groups.]

Special Item

68    Fiscal Year 2014 Election Results