Christian Educators Journal Vol. 53 No. 4 – April 2014


4 Foreign Languages for Everyone reviewed by Shannon Marcus

7 Redefining Fair reviewed by Rick Guetter

9 If Truth Be Known reviewed by Harry Cook

13 Shaping a Digital World reviewed by Harry C. Blyleven

16 Flight Behavior reviewed by wes Wikkerink

20 Top Ten Books for This Summer to Remind You What Rocks About Reading by Bill Boerman-Carnell

24 Beauty in the Word reviewed by Christina Belcher

26 Evolving in Monkey Town reviewed by Dan Beerens

29 Worst. Person. Ever. reviewed by Wes Wikkerink


2 To Read a Good Book by Gary VanArragon

31 Reading Suggestions for Teachers and Their Students

33 Confessions of a Poor Reader by Gary L. Riggins

35 The Reports of the Death of the Book Have Been Greatly Exaggerated by Jan Kaarsvlam