Christianity Today Vol. 58 No. 3 – April 2014


17    Witness

[Some Christians in the Central African Republic are killing Muslims. Others are saving them.]

18    Gleanings

[Founder of world’s largest church embezzles funds, pro-life coalition diversifies, and Bible readers vs. searchers.]

21    Headlines

[Meet the 2 million evangelical scientists, India’s Christians shrug off Hindu leader, Vietnam mixes messages on persecution, and missions’ ‘black hole’ of student debt.]

23    Under Discussion

[Are spontaneous baptisms healthy for the church?]


27    Where We Stand

[An open Apology to the Local Church]

29    Wrestling with Angels

[Carolyn Arends celebrates silence as she says farewell]

30    Open Question

Leticia Velasquesz, Amos Yong, and Al and Ellen Hsu debate accepting a Down syndrome ‘cure’]

32    Mud Alive

[N. D. Wilson, like the Father, pursues fun]

36    Surprised by Wright by Jason Byassee

[N.T. Wright wants to massively revise the way we talk about the faith. By many accounts, he’s already succeeded.]

44    A Thread Called Grace by Jonathan Merritt

[How I came to stop hiding and face the biggest secret of my early life]

50    The Broken, Messy- and Holy- Church by Diane Leclerc

[Global Gospel Project- Despite appearances, God is remaking it in His image.]

54    The Hurting Game by Gordon Marino

[A boxing coach ponders the morality of watching combat sports]

60    Why the World is Becoming More Violent – Interview by Daniel Philpott

[Sociologist Rodney Stark explains why global religious hostility is on the rise.]


67    Books

Todd Brenneman’s Homespun Gospel reviewed by Jay Green

Caryn Rivadeneira’s Broke reviewed by Alissa Wilkinson

Top 5: Books to inspire a love for history by Mark Noll

Interview: Tim Muehlhoff’s I Beg to Differ

72    Movies/TV

80    Testimony

[Inside the life of convict turned Jesus lawyer Shon Hopwood]