Expository Times Vol. 125 No. 7 – April 2014

313 Duncan Reyburn, Cross-examination: An interrogation of Peter Rollins’s hermeneutic of the crucifixion

323 Rebecca Ceria, Jesus’ Last Words: A Cry of Dereliction or Triumph?

328 Chris Knights, Nathanael and Thomas: Two Objectors, Two Confessors- Reading John 20:24-29 and John 1:44-51 in Parallel

Book of the Month

333 James Orr – The Oxford Handbook to Natural Theology Russell Re Manning (ed.)

Worship Resources: Sermons for the Christian Year

336 Robert Gillies, 4th May: 3rd Sunday of Easter

338 David Grumett, 11th May: 4th Sunday of Easter

339 Amy Richter, 18th May: 5th Sunday of Easter

343 Jenny Gaffin, 25th May: 6th Sunday of Easter ‘

345 Kirrilee Reid, All Age Worship for May

348 Book Reviews

363 Index of Books Reviewed

364 J.R. Watson, And Finally…