Christian Research Journal Vol. 37 No. 1 – April 2014

10 Heroes or Villains? A Christian Assessment of Hacktivism by Douglas Groothuis

[While hacker activism (“hacktivism”) has received much media attention, it has received little moral scrutiny.]

14 Darwin’s Doubt and the Case for Intelligent Design by Stephen C. Meyer

[Today, the same geological problems remain unresolved, while formidable new problems confront his theory from advances in genetics.]

24 The Ten Commandments of Apologetics by Dan Story

[Possessing apologetic knowledge and the ability to answer the tough questions does not qualify someone as a good apologist if he or she is unable to engage unbelievers in such a way that they will seriously consider the Christian perspective.]

28 Was Hitler a Christian? By James Patrick Holding

[Certainly, few want to claim Hitler as their own, but our approach must be that truth matters: what did Hitler really believe? Fortunately, enough data is available to answer this question.]

32 Single in Christ and a Sexual Being: The Gospel Really Does Offer More than “Don’t!” by Ellen Mary Dykas

[While there are unique blessings attached to the married state, there are also unique blessings attached to the single state, and potentially greater opportunities for service.]
40 Now What? Same-Sex marriage and Today’s Church by Joe Dallas

[What should Christians who continue to upbold the biblical understandings of marriage, the family, and sex expect to face from the culture, and how should they respond?]

46 Reanimating Apologetics with the Undead by Jonah Haddad

[Zombies have lurched and moaned their way into movie theaters, bookstores, and living rooms. We are naturally repulsed by them, but in our repulsion there lies a strange attraction, and this attraction provides a unique evangelistic and apologetic opportunity.]


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08 Practical Hermeneutics:Who’s Been Left Behind?

56 Reviews

[A Summary Critique: Reza Asian’s Zealot…Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s Killing Jesus]

60 Viewpoint

[The Divorced Pastor: Is He the Husband of One Wife?]