Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Vol. 57 No. 1 – March 2014

1    Editorial by Andreas Kostenberger

5    The Future of Cognitive Reverence for the Bible by Robert W. Yarbrough

19    The Truth Will Out: An Historian’s Perspective on the Inerrancy Controversy by Ben Witherington III

29    Inerrancy: A Place to Live by John M. Frame

41    Plenary Discussion on Biblical Inerrancy by D.A. Carson, John Frame, and Ben Witherington III

63    The Epistemology of Sacralized Violence in the Exodus and Conquest by Matthew Rowley

85    Eating Before the Lord: A Theology of Food According to Deuteronomy by Adam Warner Day

99    Order and Relative Time in the Participles of the Greek New Testament by Robert E. Picirilli

111   Inaugurated Glorification: Revisiting Romans 8:30 by Dane Ortlund

135   Narcission: The Root of All Hypocrisy in the Theological Psychology of Jonathan Edwards by Bruce W Davidson

147   Book Reviews

229   Index of Book Reviews