Leadership Journal – Spring 2014

20     Transforming Failure by J.R. Briggs

[How God used a painful season of ministry to change my life.]

25     Irritating STereotypes that Make Me a Better Pastor by Kevin A.Miller

[Three obnoxious assumptions that just happen to be true.]

28     Failing Them Softly by Michael Binder

[Disappointing people’s expectations is inevitable. Just do it at rate they can tolerate.]

32     What I learned in the Fire by Doug Resler

[When pastoring a church plant became a living hell, I thought I was done with ministry.

36     The Church that Saved Me by Daniel Darling

[How pastoring a small church redefined success and failure.]

40     Experts in Weakness by Mandy Smith

[I don’t fit the typical definition of a “Strong” leader, and I am glad I don’t.]

60     When My Daughter Said, ‘I’m Gay’

[Confessions of an evangelical pastor.]

65     Praying with My Feet A.J. Swoboda

[How prayer walks connect me to the tragedy and joys of my neighborhood.]

68     Who’s Serving Whom? By Tom Nelson

[I neglected the callings of my people. I pushed them into church work. Now it was time to equip them to be the body of Christ in the world.]

72     The Rocky Road to Bethlehem by Laura Adelmann

[Jason Meyer’s calling to succeed John Piper was clear but not easy.]

74     No More One-Man Band (A Leadership Interview)

[Larry Osborne and Chris Brown on the payoffs and pitfalls of shared leadership.]

79     Farewell, Franchise Ministry (Interview by Paul Pastor

[Why is megachurch pastor John Mark Comer ditching conventional church-growth wisdom? Two words: mission and millennials.]

82     Make a Mournful Noise by David Swanson

[How my church’s violent neighborhood led us to discover the power of lament.]

86     The Quiet Strength of a Peaceful Leader by Gordon MacDonald

[Why an unlikely trait has such powerful effects.]