The Bible Translator Vol. 65 No. 1 – April 2014

Technical Papers

3     An “Exceeding Faire” Baby in the King James Bible: A New Testament Greek Example of a Hebrew Elohim Superlative By David Bell

12     On the Meaning of the Hebrew word for “all vigor” in Job 5:26 and 30:2 By Aron Pinker

24     Antiochus IV as the Man Who Will Overflow the Flood and Break Its Arms (Daniel 11:22) By Benjamin Scolnic

34     Be Faithful to the Covenant: A Technical Translation of and Commentary on Malachi 2:10-16 By Ming Him Ko

49     A Millennium Translation Based on the Ge’ez and LXX: A New Bible Translation in the Ethiopian Church and Its Controversy By Bruk A. Asafe

Practical Papers

74     Whatever Must Be, Must Be: Translating the Imperative in Luke 7:7 By Robert P. Miller

77     The Case for Bible Translation, Viewed in Historical Perspective By Richard K. Moore

88     Do Multilingual Speakers Understand the Bible Best in Their Heart Language? A Tool for Comparing Comprehension of Translations in Vernacular Languages and Languages of Wider Communication By Kenneth Nehrbass

Book Review

104    Text, Image, and Otherness in Children’s Bibles: What Is in the Picture?, edited by Caroline Vander Stichele and Hugh S. Pyper Roy E. Ciampa

108    List of UBS Publications