Christianity Today Vol. 58 No. 4 – May 2014


15     Witness

[Prison ministries are doing such good work, even Congress agrees on it.]

16     Gleanings

[Dayuma dies, Ortberg switches sides over multisite, and kids’ Bibles become theological.]

18     Headlines

[Christian organizations try to stay neutral, Kenya’s Christians fight over polygamy, and the Nigerian American Great Baby Commission.]

19     Under Discussion

[Complementarians debate whether women college faculty should teach men the Bible.]


23     Where We Stand

[A World Vision for Church and Parachurch]

25     Her.meneutics

[Rachel Marie Stone dismantles shiny-happy parenting]

26     Open Question

[Samuel Kunhiyop, Sharon Mumper, and Marvin Wilson discuss whether missionaries should pay bribes.]

28     Past Imperfect David Neff preaches to the choir


36     The Joy-Stung Preacher

[Texas pastor Matt Chandler is tasked with taking the Acts 29 Network to the ends of the earth. Why he may be just the man to do it. By Joe Maxwell]

46     The Noah Effect

[A decade after The Passion, can filmmakers bring an artistic twist to Scripture without alienating moviegoers? By Peter T. Chattaway]


53     Books

Charles Marsh’s, Strange Glory, review by Timothy Larsen

Justin S. Holcomb and Lindsey A. Holcomb’s, Is it My Fault? Reviwed by Rachel Marie Stone

Excerpt: Yawning at Tigers, by Drew Dyck

Interview: Marilyn Chandler McEntyre’s, What’s in a Phrase?