YouthWorker Vol. 30 No. 5 – May/June 2014

Columns & Departments

10    Youth Culture Update by Paul Asay

14    Culture Watch: Rewiring Kids by Walt Mueller

16    Christian Education: Through the Starting Gate by George Grant

18    Worldview: Students help Kosovo Villiage through Jalapeno Farm by Ava Thomas

20    Managing Your Ministry: Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do by Syler Thomas

22    Conversations: Community and Confession by Mark Matlock

24    10 Minutes in God’s Word: A Theology of Learning by Barry Shafer

49    Soul Care: My Prayer for Youth Workers by David Olshine

50    Stirring It Up: Let’s Not Blame the Brain by Jen Bradbury


24    Neuron Schmeron: Why Should We Care About Adolescent Brain Development? By Mark Oestreicher

27    The YouthWorker Journal Roundtable on Wired: Four Youth Workers Talk About the Impact of Teenage Brain Research on Youth Ministry By Tim Baker

31    A Transformed Mind: Preteens, Conversion and the Brain By Dean Blevins

34    When Youth Ministry Meets Neuroscience: Eight Ways Theology and Neuroscience Can Guide Your Ministry to Youth By Andrew Zirschky

37    Architects and Gardeners: Leveraging Brain Research in Your Teaching By Dawn Rundman

40    Why Does My Kid Do That?

[What to Tell Parents About Brian Research By Erin Sloan Jackson]

43    This Is Your Brain on Discipleship

[Wired for Discipleship: Creating Space for Deep Relationships By Seth Vopat]