Journal of Dispensational Theology Vol. 18 No. 53 – Spring 2014

5     Editorial

7     Responding to Government’s Declaration that “Marriage” Is Merely a Social Construct: A Proposal to Reform the Wedding Service in Bible-Believing Churches By Charles A. Clough

49     Hermeneutical Keys to the Olivet Discourse: Part 2: Lukan Eschatology (Luke 21) By Ray M. Wenger

Book Reviews

75     Currid, John D. Against the Gods

77     Johnson, Marcus Peter. One with Christ

83     MacArthur, John. Strange Fire

86     Schreiner, Thomas R. The King in His Beauty

89     Street, John D. (ed.). Men Counseling Men

90     MacDonald, James. Vertical Church

94     Ray, Steven E. Finding the Balance in Missions

95     Marshall and Payne. The Trellis and the Vine

97     Young, Sarah. Jesus Calling

100    Rhodes, Ron. Unmasking the Antichrist