First Things Vol. 244 – June/July 2014

3      Marriage Equality by R. R. Reno

8      Putin, Catholicism, etc.

17    Going to Church in America by James Mumford

19    Dating Books by Wesley Hill

21    Not So Secular Sweden by Matthew J. Milliner

25    Empire of Desire by R. R. Reno

33    The Good of Government by Roger Scruton

39    Karl Barth’s Failure by Matthew Rose

45    Recasting Religious Freedom by Hadley Arkes

53    The Revolt Against the Masses by Fred Siegel
reviewed by Geoffrey Kabaservice

55    God, Sexuality, and the Self by Sarah Coakley
reviewed by Wesley Hill

57    The Rule of Nobody by Philip K. Howard
reviewed by Mark Bauerlein

59    Rav Kook by Yehudah Mirsky
reviewed by David Novak

61    The Quest of the Absolute by Louis Dupre
reviewed by Ephraim Radner

67    Coyne v. Hart, Progress, etc.

72    Roland in Moonlight by David Bentley Hart


Les Murray (p. 16)

Brian Doyle (p. 24)

Ron Hansen (p. 31)

Amit Majmudar (p. 38)

Catharine Savage Brosman (p. 52)