Teaching Children Mathematics Vol 20 No. 9

546 Order and Value: Transitioning to Integers
Laura Bofferding
First graders restructure their thinking about foundational number concepts when they encounter negative integers.

556 I am a Math Coach, Now What?
Lauren J. Rapacki and Dionne I. Cross Francis
Share a teacher’s ultimately empowering experience of transitioning into an ill­ defined, unanticipated leadership  position.

564 Classroom Photographs: Reframing What and How We Notice
Joy A. Oslund and Sandra Crespo Use these three activities as professional learning community tools to support powerful conversations.

news & views
Principles to Actions: Effective mathematics teaching as the core for student learning

Problem solvers: problem
Building mathematical practices: How many legs?

Problem solvers: solution
The school bus dilemma

math by the month
Road trippin’

Tinkering with buoyancy