Christian Research Journal Vol 37 No 2

10 Thy (Animal) Kingdom Come, Our Will Be Done: Animal Rights Theology in the 21st Century
by Wes Jamison
The animal rights movement has garnered  much publicity but made little difference in the way animals are treated in America. In this first part of a point-counterpoint discussion of animal rights, Wes Jamison offers a
critical look at the movement’s claims and the efforts of some Christians to develop a theology of animal rights.

16 Is “Animal Rights” a Biblical Concern? A Christian Response to the Modern Animal Movement
by Dan Story
In this second part of the discussion of animal rights, Dan
Story offers a more sympathetic yet still discerning look at the movement’s claims and proposes a biblical theology/ethic of animals and animal use.

22  Afterword: PETA or Just PET? for Human and the Ethical Treatment of Animals
By Hank Hanegraaff

24   Film as Pre-Apologetics: How Noah Raises Questions Only Christianity Can Answer
The film Noah is a gift to Christian apologists. It raises questions, the answer of which will lead to theological conversations and the discussion of Christian truth.

30 Joyce Meyer in the 21st Century
by Bob Hunter
Doctrinal Discernment: Over the years, Joyce Meyer has been severely criticized for her Word of Faith teachings, but some Christians maintain that she no longer teaches those doctrines and should be evaluated more in terms of her present ministry. This article therefore looks at Meyer’s more recent teachings to see if her doctrine has really changed.

34 Hagee’s “Magic Apologetics”
By James Patrick Holding
Doctrinal Discernment: Between April 2014 and September  2015, four total lunar eclipses will occur, along with a single total solar eclipse. In Four Blood Moons, John Hagee argues that these stellar events have always signaled a major change in Jewish history, which will occur this time in fulfillment of Scripture. But is this approach to end­ time prophecy sound?

38 The Christian Apologist’s Moral Compass
by Doug Groothuis
Practical Apologetics/Christian Discipleship: Apologetics is now hot stuff, but with popularity comes the danger of zeal getting ahead of knowledge and character. Christian defenders need to know the arguments of apologetics, but they must also find their moral bearings to bear the truth nobly

44 Parenthood: Biblical Foundations of the Family
Michael W. Austin
Christian Discipleship/Cultural Discernment: There are deep problems within Christian families in contemporary America manifesting in troubling trends among Christian youth. These problems are rooted in misunderstandings of the meaning and proper goals of parenthood, and solutions will be found only by deriving these notions from Scripture rather  than from secular culture

50 Retelling the Old, Old Story: Sharing the Gospel with Those Living with Intellectual Disability
by Michael S. Beates and Andrew Vacca
Effective Evangelism: How can the church share  the Good News with people whose intellectual capacities are affected by disability? We must begin by under­ standing that the range of intellectual disability includes some who can express faith, and others who cannot, and then adapt our approaches accordingly.