IJFM (Int’l Journal of Frontier Missiology) Vol 30 No 4 Oct/Dec 2013 (Rec. June 2014)

Understanding Movements

From the Editor’s Desk Brad Gill
135 The Long Shadow of Alan Tippett


137 Seeing Inside Insider Missiology: Exploring our Theological Lenses and Presuppositions
Leonard  N. Bartlotti
Do you see what I see?

155 Sixteen Features of Belief and Practice in Two Movements among Muslims in Eastern Africa: What Does the Data Say? Ben Naja
An intriguing  new picture is emerging.

161 Roles of “Aiongsiders” in Insider Movements: Contemporary  Examples and
Biblical Reflections John  and Anna Travis
Help from without can take many forms.

171 Contemporary Departures from Traditional Christianity in Cross-Cultural Situations: A Melanesian Ethnohistorical Case Study Alan  R. Tippett
What can we learn from earlier research on movements?

Book Reviews
182 A Wind in the House of Islam:How God is Drawing Muslims around the World to Faith in Jesus Christ  CifC.,
183 No Continuing City: The Story of a Missiologist from Colonial to Postcolonial Times

In Others’ Words
186 The Art of Mission; Indigenous Art Forms and the Gospel; Cultural Encounters between Christianity and Korean
Religions; One in Six Now an Urban Slum Dweller; Singles and Missions; The Gender Gap in Missions