JETS Vol 57 No 2 July 2014

231    The Muratorian Fragment: The State of Research
Eckhard J. Schnabel

265    Is New Testament Inerrancy a New Testament Concept: A tRaditional and Therefore Open-Minded Answer
Armin D. Baum

281    Convenant Conditionality and Consequence: New Terminology and a Case Study in the Abrahamic Covenant
David Andrew Dean

309    Herod the Great: Another Snapshot of His Treachery?
Barry J. Beitzel

323    Exploring the Pervasive References to Work in Jesus’ Parables
Klaus D. Issler

351    Stephen’s Speech as a Modified Prophetic Rih Formula
Brian Peterson

371    The Formulation of Thomistic Simplicity: Mapping Aquinas’s Method for Configuring God’s Essence
Paul Maxwell

405     Book Reviews
465    Index of Book Reviews