Leadership Journal Summer 2014

18-Can Neuroscience Help Us Disciple Anyone?
Brain science and the renewal of your mind. John Ortberg

23-The Sanctified Brain
Growing in Christ  … above the neck.
Robert Crosby

27-Faith and the Brain
An interview with Dr. Andrew

30-Growing Grace for
Mental Illness
One pastor’s story  mirrors a burgeoning response in the church.
Amy Simpson

35-Not in Her Right Mind How one church  responded to an unexpected encounter
with mental illness.
Marshall Shelley

38-My Near Life
How a brush  with death taught  me to live fearlessly. Peyton Jones

43-High Anxiety
My struggle with anxiety  and fear no longer defines me. David Trigueros

46-Communicating with the Brain in Mind
How neuroscience helps us engage people  in an age
of distraction.
Charles Stone

64-Dancing in the Rain Erwin McManus’s business failure led to new faith, new life, and new believers. Interview by Paul Pastor

69-Discerning Is Only the Beginning
When God called our church to relocate, we thought that meant a smooth transition. Boy, were we wrong!
T. David Beck

73-The  Good Missionary
What one African orphan likes (and doesn’t) about short­ term missionaries. Samuellkua Gachagua and Claire Diaz-Ort/z

77-Raising  Hope
And how it fuels innovation, creativity, and vitality.
Ray Johnston as told to
Andrew Finch

82-Signs  of Life
What happened when Joel and Rachel Triska moved into the depressed neighborhood of Deep Ellum.
Interview by Drew Dyck

87-Where is God on Monday? Equipping the church
for faith at work.
AJ Sherrill