WORLD Vol 29 No 16 August 9, 2014

38    System overload
A growing crisis of unaccompanied minors at the U.S. border is just one part of an overwhelmed immigration system in need of repair

46    Changing course?
After a public apology and the adoption of a softer tone from the pulpit, star pastor MARK DRISCOLL
and Mars Hill Church face new challenges

Save the children (from bad books)
52 Kickstarter classic: WORLD’s children’s book of the year took an unusual path to the publishing house
56 Pink and blue and read all over: Children’s publishing has become  a battlefield in the gender wars
57 Hello, darkness: Teenagers and the literature of hopelessness and suicide
58 Notable picture books: Four picture book biographies
59 Books to remember: WORLD staffers pick their childhood favorites
60 For future grown-ups: Some well-known authors have written very good preschool books