World Vol. 29 No. 19 September 2014

34     Houses divided

A history of police violence brings police killing in Ferguson to national attention, even as black-on-black murders in far greater numbers remain local stories. Can evangelicals of all races find a way forward?

40     Barely fighting Irish

Did Notre Dame, one of the only major Catholic universities to sue over the Obamacare contraceptive mandate (and so far lose), derail its own case?

46     Missing children

With dashed hopes and dreams, infertile couples embark on an often misunderstood journey – What churches can do to love the infertile

50     Driving Miss Tracy

Hope Award South region winner changes lives one ride at a time

Youthworker September/October 2014

10     Youth Culture Update By PaulAsay

16     Culture Watch – Digital Tools & Digital Rules By Walt Mueller

18     Christian Education – Ministering to the Whole Person Requires Wisdom By Mark Cannister

20     Worldview – One Backpack By OneLife

22     Managing Your Ministry – Managing the God-High By Syler Thomas

23     10 Minutes in God’s Word – The Spiritual Discipline of Inclusion By Barry Shafer

24     Conversations 24/7? By Mark Matlock

44     TOOLS – Teens face great struggles, and two people who can speak to their issues are Jimmy Wayne and Debra Black.  Check out Wayne’s Walk To Beautiful and Black’s God in Every Season

49     Soul Care Take That Detour By David Olshine

50     Stirring It Up – All Y’all By April Diaz

First Things No. 246 October 2014

3       The New New Left by R. R. Reno

8      Which Barth? Whose failure?, etc.

17       The Death of Martha Wichorek by Kalman J. Kaplan

19       Evangelizing Christians by J. Budziszewski

21       Singing Lessons by Brian Kaller

25        Taking the Long Way by Yuval Levin

33       Christian  Witness in Ukraine by John P. Burgess

41       The Church in the Bloodlands by Cyril Hovorun

45       The Sound of Salvation by Stephen H. Webb

51       The Wes Anderson  Collection by Matt  Zoller Seitz reviewed by Kyle Smith

54       Hauerwas by Nicholas M. Healy reviewed by John Webster

55       Redeemer: The Life of Jimmy Carter by Randall  Balmer reviewed by James Nuechterlein

60       Charity  by Gary A. Anderson reviewed by Michael C. Legaspi

66       Fair food, Baby-making, etc.

72       Witch Morals  by Mark  Bauerlein

Brian Doyle (p. 23)

Ryan Wilson (p. 50)

James Matthew Wilson (p. 50)

Journal of College Science Teaching Vol. 44 No. 1 2014


25     How Does Undergraduate Research Experience Impact Career Trajectories and Level of Career Satisfaction: A Comparative Survey by Kirsten Yaffe, Carol Bender, and Lee Sechrest

34     A Case Study for Teaching Quantitative Biochemical Buffer Problems Using Group Work and “Khan Style” Videos by Jose Barreto, John Reilly, David Brown, Laura Frost, Sulekha Rao Coticone, Terry Ann Dubetz, Zanna Beharry, C. Michele Davis­ McGibony, Ria Ramoutar, and Gillian Rudd

40    Improving Postsecondary STEM Education: Strategies for Successful Interdisciplinary Collaborations and Brokering Engagement With Education Research and Theory by Jana Bouwma-Gearhart, Kristen H. Perry, and Jennifer B. Presley

48     A Comparative Study of Instructor and Student­Led Learning in a Large Nonmajors Biology Course: Student Performance and Perceptions by Melody J. Bernat and Jennifer Metzler

Research and Teaching

56    Can Graduate Teaching Assistants Teach Inquiry­-Based Geology Labs Effectively? By Katherine Ryker and David McConnell

86     Emotion, Engagement, and Case Studies by Clyde Freeman Herreid, David R. Terry, Paula Lemons, Norris Armstrong, Peggy Brickman, and Eric Ribbens

97     Training the Foot Soldiers of Inquiry: Development and Evaluation of a Graduate Teaching Assistant Learning Community by Kimberly Linenberger, Michael C. Slade, Elizabeth A. Addis, Emily R. Elliott, Glene Mynhardt, and Jeffrey R. Raker

64     Aeronautical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering: A Learner-Centered Teaching Perspective in Higher Education by Omid Gohardani, Amir S. Gohardani, Erin Dokter, and Kyla Macario


8     Headline Science

17     Two-Year Community

Considerations and Recommendations for Implementing a Dual-Enrollment Program: Bridging the Gap Between High School and College Level Science by Laura A. Lukes

75     Case Study

A Chat With the Survey Monkey: Case Studies and the Flipped Classroom by Clyde Freeman Herreid, Nancy A. Schiller, Ky F. Herreid, and Carolyn B. Wright

The Science Teacher Vol. 81 No. 5 Summer 2014

8    Science 2.0

*Modern Lessons from the Ancient Inca Road

*Drummer Prosthesis for Amputees

*Why Dark

*Write Your Own Science Book

*Chocolate is Good for You


10     The Green Room

12     The New Teacher’s Toolbox

13     Health Wise – Putting the Brakes on Marijuana Use

16     Idea Bank

19     Headline Science – Math-Science Connections

*Beware the Itsy Bitsy Spider; Don’t Pee in the Pool; Cleaning Water With Water

25     The Dark Side of the Tube – A science and statistics integration activity using charismatic cockroaches. By Amy Wagler and Ron Wagler

31     Discovering Our Stellar Neighborhood – Modeling the nearby stars in three dimensions. By David V. Black

39     Graphing the Past – A stratigraphy project for interpreting data and integrating science and math. By Renee Clary and James Wandersee

45     Striding Through Time – Using dinosaur tracks to integrate engineering and math in the science classroom. By Renee Clary and James Wandersee

53     Computational Thinking in High School Science Classrooms – Exploring the Framework and NGSS. By Cary Sneidel; Chris Stephenson, Bruce Schajel; and Larry Flick

60     Safer Science – The Latest on Climate Change and Accommodation and Laboratory Safety

70     Career of the Month

*The A-to-Z Summer Checklist

*An Interview With Biological Engineer Reshma Shetty

72     NSTA Recommends

76     Index of Advertisers – Modeling the Millikan Oil Drop Experiment

Creation Vol. 36 No. 4 Fall 2014

6     Editorial: The reality of creation by Jonathan Sarfati

12     Model Message – Warren Nunn and David Catch poole talk to Rod and Nancy Walsh

16     Creationist contributiors to science by

19     Flights of Fancy by Carl Wieland

20     Moeraki Boulders of New Zealand by Tas Walker

22     Seabed Worm Fossils by David Catch Poole

24     Why Would God bother With a Tiny Planet like Earth? By Jonathan Sarfati

27     The Tarsier’s ‘Secret Speech’ by David Catch Poole

28     Tiny Tarsier’s Evolution – defying leap by David Catch Poole

30     Creation for Kids – Facing the light by Erin Hughes and Gordon Howard

34     Whale Evolution Flops by Don Batten

36     Charles Lyell- the man who tried to rewrite history by Russel Grigg

40     Mantis Shrimp ‘fist’ could inspire new body armour by Jonathan Sarfati

42     Dance…or die! by David Catchpoole

45     ‘Engineered’ for Duty – Gary Bates chats with Chad Duty

49     What the New Testament Doesn’t Say by Lita Cosner

52     Mistakes About Mistakes by Dominic STatham

56     The Human Nose by David Catchpoole

Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol. 42 No. 3 Fall 2014


243     Community Sanctification of Forgiveness by Christopher Bell, Elissa Woodruff, Don E. Davis, Daryl R. Van Tongeren, Joshua N. Hook, and Everett L. Worthington, Jr.

252     On Earth as it is in Heaven: Healing Through Forgiveness by Brandon J. Griffin, Caroline R. Lavelock, and Everett L. Worthington, Jr.

260     A Theological and Psychological Defense of Self-Forgiveness: Implications for Counseling by Jichan J. Kim and Robert D. Enright

269     Towards a Psychological Understanding of Servanthood: An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Orthodox Beliefs, Experiential Avoidance, and Self-Sacrificial Behaviors Among Christians at a Religiously-Affiliated University by Joshua J. Knabb, Joseph Pelletier, and Anna Grigorian-Routon

284     Supporting Pastoral Psychology in China: Methods and Principles by Rachel Sing-kiat Ting and Alvin Dueck

293    Psychometric Evaluation of the Arabic Version of the Spiritual Well-Being Scale on a Sample of Jordanian Arab Christians by Ahmad S. Musa and David J. Pevalin

Dramatics Vol. 86 No. 1 September 2014

5    Journal – Squonk Opera’s air-powered rock’n’roll By Stacy Sims

7    Journal – Chinese educators reach out for American theatre By Julie Woffington

10    At Large – Tinkering with the script By Jeffrey Sweet

13    On acting – Jon Jory guides you through audition prep

16    Strut and Fret – New National Core Arts Standards

20    Giants of design – Jo Mielziner and Boris Aronson in our Innovators series By Martha Wade Steketee

30    Welcome home – Everything you need to know about the 2014 Thespian Festival

47    Thespian Playworks – Special section: two of our 2014 finalist plays

72    Trending – Dispatches from the Theatre Education Community

Review and Expositor Vol. 3 No. 3 August 2014

Christian Apologetics

213     Editorial introduction By Michael Robinson

214     A word from Neville Ca/lam

218     A word about A hermeneutic of heaven By Peter Rhea jones

220     Testimony as apology By David W. Priddy

Thematic Words

227     The contours and issues of contemporary apologetics By Michael Robinson

238     Why is there so much evil? By William Hasker

244     The heavens are declaring the glory of God: Contemporary teleological arguments By John M. DePoe

259     On the failures of naturalism By Todd Buras

274     Petrine apologetics: Hope, imagination, and forms of life By Justin D. Barnard

281     Holding the faith: Lessons on suffering and transformation in the book of Job By Josh Carney

287     Hospice ministry as apologetics By Alice Tremaine

Grace Evangelical Society Vol. 27 No. 52 Spring 2014

3-15     The Novelty of Free Grace Theology, Part 1 By the Editor

17-32     A Response to Thomas R. Schreiner’s Objection to My Presentation in Four Views on the Role of Works at the Final Judgment By Robert N. Wilkin

33-56     The Two Modes of Humanity, Part 2: The History of the View By Philippe R. Sterling

57-79     Worship Wars: Theological Perspectives on Hymnody Among Early Evangelical Christians By Steve Lemke

81-108     Getting Sanctification Done: The Primacy of Narrative in Tim Keller’s Exegetical Method By Timothy F. Kauffman

109-126     Book Reviews