International Journal of Frontier Missiology Vol. 31 No. 1 January-March 2014

Culture and Conscience

3    From the Editor’s Desk Brad Gill


5    Biblical Absolutes and Cultural Variation by T. Wayne Dye
[When do our “absolute absolutes” become “relative absolutes”?]

15    Cultural Variation in Conscience: Part of God’s Design by Sally Folger Dye
[Let your conscience be your guide?]

27    At Table in the Idol’s Temple? Local Theology,Idolatry, and Identification in 1 Corinthians 8-10 by Kevin Higgins

[A perceptive analysis if an extremely difficult section if Paul.]

37    The Triune God and the Plethora of Religions: The Holy Spirit in Mission Scott W. Sunquist

[A glimpse into an extraordinary new textbook on mission.]

Editorial Reflections

44    Culture as a Moral Order: Recovering Missionary Elenctics from the Anthropology of Robert Priest

Book Reviews

48    Religious Transactions in Colonial South India: Language, Translation and the Making of Protestant Identity

54    In Others’ Words

Games Might Help Us Discover Cultural Variation in Morals

How Does Culture Change Concepts such as “Self,” “Family” or “Trauma”?

What is Missiology After All,and Does It Have a Future?

Why is lausanne ’74 So Important?

The ISFM to Meet in Atlanta Are lslamists Just a More Violent Version