Psychology Today Vol. 47 No. 5 September/October 2014

9-23     Insights The future of fear fighting; detecting false laughter; the pitfalls of beauty.

20      Unconventional Wisdom


27     ECCENTRIC’S CORNER Ed Hamell of Hamell on Trial is a tour de force of rock and resilience.

31     PERSON OF INTEREST Chirlane McCray, NYC”s First Lady, embodies our times.


36     NATURE’S BOUNTY Elite grads are taking up farm­ing, overturning parents dreams


39     DATING Break­ups get blurrier but hurt no less.

42     2-Minute Memoir

A mother facing a son’s mental illness finds that jail is the sad solution.

46     BOOKS

The Marshmallow Test offers lessons on self-control and on its limits.

49     RANT

A newly created childhood disorder highlights our increasing rush to diagnose kids.

52     Just Say It

There are plenty of healthy, strategic reasons we veer away from talking about serious subjects with our loved ones. But avoidance has its limits… BY CARLIN FLORA

62     All Eyes on You

How do we navigate a world in which everything is recorded and nothing is forgotten? BY JENNIFER GOLBECK

70     Seeing the Light

New data on near-death experiences suggest they are the hallucinations of a brain in peril rather than proof of an afterlife. BY PAMELA WEINTRAUB

78 The Narcissist in All of Us

You may not be a narcissist. Those around you may not be either. But we all feel pride and experience collective narcissism via our political parties, religions, sports teams, and other groups. BY JEFFREY KLUGER