World Vol. 29 No. 18 September 2014

38 Risking genocide

As the Islamic State rages from Syria to Iraq, it threatens to wipe out Christians and other religious groups with singular roots in ancient Mesopotamia

42 Groundhog reform day

BACK TO SCHOOL 2014 finds American education in the midst of yet another expensive revolution

44 Uncommon pushback

With a rebellion growing, Common Core no longer looks inevitable

46 Public school@ home

Online charter schools are growing, with growing pains

49 Lone Star laboratory

Texas is likely the next school choice frontier

50 Portland public

Seeking the peace of a very liberal city by helping to rejuvenate a deteriorating school

52 Risks and rewards

Amid limited resources and a hostile government, a Chinese Christian school movement is growing

55 Homeschool debate

How to keep a few bad apples from spoiling the bushel

58 Good Credit

Competency-based programs offer college credentials without the debilitating cost