Review and Expositor Vol. 3 No. 3 August 2014

Christian Apologetics

213     Editorial introduction By Michael Robinson

214     A word from Neville Ca/lam

218     A word about A hermeneutic of heaven By Peter Rhea jones

220     Testimony as apology By David W. Priddy

Thematic Words

227     The contours and issues of contemporary apologetics By Michael Robinson

238     Why is there so much evil? By William Hasker

244     The heavens are declaring the glory of God: Contemporary teleological arguments By John M. DePoe

259     On the failures of naturalism By Todd Buras

274     Petrine apologetics: Hope, imagination, and forms of life By Justin D. Barnard

281     Holding the faith: Lessons on suffering and transformation in the book of Job By Josh Carney

287     Hospice ministry as apologetics By Alice Tremaine