First Things No. 246 October 2014

3       The New New Left by R. R. Reno

8      Which Barth? Whose failure?, etc.

17       The Death of Martha Wichorek by Kalman J. Kaplan

19       Evangelizing Christians by J. Budziszewski

21       Singing Lessons by Brian Kaller

25        Taking the Long Way by Yuval Levin

33       Christian  Witness in Ukraine by John P. Burgess

41       The Church in the Bloodlands by Cyril Hovorun

45       The Sound of Salvation by Stephen H. Webb

51       The Wes Anderson  Collection by Matt  Zoller Seitz reviewed by Kyle Smith

54       Hauerwas by Nicholas M. Healy reviewed by John Webster

55       Redeemer: The Life of Jimmy Carter by Randall  Balmer reviewed by James Nuechterlein

60       Charity  by Gary A. Anderson reviewed by Michael C. Legaspi

66       Fair food, Baby-making, etc.

72       Witch Morals  by Mark  Bauerlein

Brian Doyle (p. 23)

Ryan Wilson (p. 50)

James Matthew Wilson (p. 50)