The Science Teacher Vol. 81 No. 5 Summer 2014

8    Science 2.0

*Modern Lessons from the Ancient Inca Road

*Drummer Prosthesis for Amputees

*Why Dark

*Write Your Own Science Book

*Chocolate is Good for You


10     The Green Room

12     The New Teacher’s Toolbox

13     Health Wise – Putting the Brakes on Marijuana Use

16     Idea Bank

19     Headline Science – Math-Science Connections

*Beware the Itsy Bitsy Spider; Don’t Pee in the Pool; Cleaning Water With Water

25     The Dark Side of the Tube – A science and statistics integration activity using charismatic cockroaches. By Amy Wagler and Ron Wagler

31     Discovering Our Stellar Neighborhood – Modeling the nearby stars in three dimensions. By David V. Black

39     Graphing the Past – A stratigraphy project for interpreting data and integrating science and math. By Renee Clary and James Wandersee

45     Striding Through Time – Using dinosaur tracks to integrate engineering and math in the science classroom. By Renee Clary and James Wandersee

53     Computational Thinking in High School Science Classrooms – Exploring the Framework and NGSS. By Cary Sneidel; Chris Stephenson, Bruce Schajel; and Larry Flick

60     Safer Science – The Latest on Climate Change and Accommodation and Laboratory Safety

70     Career of the Month

*The A-to-Z Summer Checklist

*An Interview With Biological Engineer Reshma Shetty

72     NSTA Recommends

76     Index of Advertisers – Modeling the Millikan Oil Drop Experiment