Youthworker September/October 2014

10     Youth Culture Update By PaulAsay

16     Culture Watch – Digital Tools & Digital Rules By Walt Mueller

18     Christian Education – Ministering to the Whole Person Requires Wisdom By Mark Cannister

20     Worldview – One Backpack By OneLife

22     Managing Your Ministry – Managing the God-High By Syler Thomas

23     10 Minutes in God’s Word – The Spiritual Discipline of Inclusion By Barry Shafer

24     Conversations 24/7? By Mark Matlock

44     TOOLS – Teens face great struggles, and two people who can speak to their issues are Jimmy Wayne and Debra Black.  Check out Wayne’s Walk To Beautiful and Black’s God in Every Season

49     Soul Care Take That Detour By David Olshine

50     Stirring It Up – All Y’all By April Diaz