Touchstone Vol. 27 No. 5 September/October 2014

3    Eyeing the Sanctuary

Freedom for Churches Affirmed …For Now by JAMES HITCHCOCK


28    The Light of Everyman

Benedict XVI’s Regensburg Lecture, St. John’s Proemium & Intercultural Understanding by GRAEME HUNTER
*Christological Shift by S. M. HUTCHENS

33    The Hundred Years’ War

The Culture of Death’s Campaign Against the Catholic Church by BRANTLY MILLEGAN

38    The Business of Spiritual Man

The Role of Christianity in Peter Drucker’s Barry Work by HUNTER BAKER



Ministry & Learning by S. M. HUTCHENS


Bach to Basics by KEN MYERS

16    Thou Shalt Now Covet

ROBERT HART on Spiritual Evolution & the Myth of Equal Rights

17    Songs Without Borders

PAUL GREGORY ALMS on Why Springsteen’s “The River” Couldn’t Be Written Today

20    Absence of Evil

BENJAMIN V. BEIER on the Surprising Augustinian Grammar of The Great Gatsby

22    Food for Thought

RACHEL Lu on Growing Vegetables as a Primer in Moral Philosophy




La Disputa by Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) by MARY ELIZABETH PODLES

56    As IT Is WRITTEN …

Vineyard of the Son by PATRICK HENRY REARDON

Puritan Reformed Journal Vol. 6 No. 2 July 2014


5     The Danger of Heartless Religion: An Exposition of lsaiah 1:2-18 by MICHAEL BARRETT

16     The New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34) by MICHAEL BORG


37     Calvin on Predestination by ARTHUR MISKIN

53     John Bunyan: His Life, Writing, and Influence by GEOFF THOMAS

65     Innate Knowledge in the Thought of Wilhelmus à Brakel by TODD D. BAUCUM

88     Jonathan Edwards on the Justice of God by PETER AIKEN

103     Jonathan Edwards’s Reshaping of Lockean Terminology into a Calvinistic Aesthetic Epistemology in his Religious Affections By HYUNKWAN KIM

123     “A System of Holiness”: Andrew Fuller’s Evangelical Calvinistic Theology of Virtue by RYAN P. HOSELTON


149     Experiencing Our Only Comfort: A Post-Reformation Refocus in the Heidelberg Catechism by IAN VANVLIET

171     Assurance of Salvation: The Insights of Anthony Burgess by JOEL R. BEEKE AND PAUL SMALLEY


187     The Mouth of the Morningstar: John Wycliffe’s Preaching and the Protestant Reformation by CALEB CANGELOSI

216     Knowing God from the Heart: Samuel Davies on the Means of Grace by JOSEPH C. HARROD

258     Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s Principles of Evangelism with Application for Producing Evangelistic Church Members by SIMON J. GREEN

World Vol. 29 No. 18 September 2014

38 Risking genocide

As the Islamic State rages from Syria to Iraq, it threatens to wipe out Christians and other religious groups with singular roots in ancient Mesopotamia

42 Groundhog reform day

BACK TO SCHOOL 2014 finds American education in the midst of yet another expensive revolution

44 Uncommon pushback

With a rebellion growing, Common Core no longer looks inevitable

46 Public school@ home

Online charter schools are growing, with growing pains

49 Lone Star laboratory

Texas is likely the next school choice frontier

50 Portland public

Seeking the peace of a very liberal city by helping to rejuvenate a deteriorating school

52 Risks and rewards

Amid limited resources and a hostile government, a Chinese Christian school movement is growing

55 Homeschool debate

How to keep a few bad apples from spoiling the bushel

58 Good Credit

Competency-based programs offer college credentials without the debilitating cost

Psychology Today Vol. 47 No. 5 September/October 2014

9-23     Insights The future of fear fighting; detecting false laughter; the pitfalls of beauty.

20      Unconventional Wisdom


27     ECCENTRIC’S CORNER Ed Hamell of Hamell on Trial is a tour de force of rock and resilience.

31     PERSON OF INTEREST Chirlane McCray, NYC”s First Lady, embodies our times.


36     NATURE’S BOUNTY Elite grads are taking up farm­ing, overturning parents dreams


39     DATING Break­ups get blurrier but hurt no less.

42     2-Minute Memoir

A mother facing a son’s mental illness finds that jail is the sad solution.

46     BOOKS

The Marshmallow Test offers lessons on self-control and on its limits.

49     RANT

A newly created childhood disorder highlights our increasing rush to diagnose kids.

52     Just Say It

There are plenty of healthy, strategic reasons we veer away from talking about serious subjects with our loved ones. But avoidance has its limits… BY CARLIN FLORA

62     All Eyes on You

How do we navigate a world in which everything is recorded and nothing is forgotten? BY JENNIFER GOLBECK

70     Seeing the Light

New data on near-death experiences suggest they are the hallucinations of a brain in peril rather than proof of an afterlife. BY PAMELA WEINTRAUB

78 The Narcissist in All of Us

You may not be a narcissist. Those around you may not be either. But we all feel pride and experience collective narcissism via our political parties, religions, sports teams, and other groups. BY JEFFREY KLUGER

International Journal of Frontier Missiology Vol. 31 No. 1 January-March 2014

Culture and Conscience

3    From the Editor’s Desk Brad Gill


5    Biblical Absolutes and Cultural Variation by T. Wayne Dye
[When do our “absolute absolutes” become “relative absolutes”?]

15    Cultural Variation in Conscience: Part of God’s Design by Sally Folger Dye
[Let your conscience be your guide?]

27    At Table in the Idol’s Temple? Local Theology,Idolatry, and Identification in 1 Corinthians 8-10 by Kevin Higgins

[A perceptive analysis if an extremely difficult section if Paul.]

37    The Triune God and the Plethora of Religions: The Holy Spirit in Mission Scott W. Sunquist

[A glimpse into an extraordinary new textbook on mission.]

Editorial Reflections

44    Culture as a Moral Order: Recovering Missionary Elenctics from the Anthropology of Robert Priest

Book Reviews

48    Religious Transactions in Colonial South India: Language, Translation and the Making of Protestant Identity

54    In Others’ Words

Games Might Help Us Discover Cultural Variation in Morals

How Does Culture Change Concepts such as “Self,” “Family” or “Trauma”?

What is Missiology After All,and Does It Have a Future?

Why is lausanne ’74 So Important?

The ISFM to Meet in Atlanta Are lslamists Just a More Violent Version