Great Commission Research Journal Vol. 6 No. 1 Summer 2014


6     Reaching the Nations Through Our Cities by Chris Clayman

22     Five Types of Multicultural Churches: A New Paradigm Evaluated and Differentiated by Bob Wl1itesel

36     Why Is There a Silent Exodus of English-speaking Adults from Western Canadian Chinese Churches by Matthew Todd

57     Why Multiply Healthy Churches? By Charles (Chuck) Van Engen

91     The Ecclesiology of Training for Trainers: The Issue of Method and I Timothy 3:6 by John Henry Serworwom

115     McGavran’s Family Heritage by Gary L. Mcintosh

135     My Pilgrimage In Church Growth by Ray Ellis

139     The Church of the Nazarene and Church Growth: Better Together? By Duane H. Boady

Book Reviews

149     Embracing Shared Ministry: Power and Status in the Early Church and Why it Matters Today by Joseph H. Hellerman – Reviewed by Paul Gritz

152     Advanced Strategic Planning: A 21st Century Model for Church and Ministry Leaders by Aubrey Malphurs – Reviewed by John Sun

153     The Bridges of God: A Study in the Strategy of Missions by Donald A. McGavran – Reviewed by Ivan Yu

156     Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age by Ed Stetzer – Reviewed by Joseph Mun

159     Replant: How a Dying Church Can Grow Again by Mark Devine and Darrin Patrick – Reviewed by Garrett R. Eaglin

161     The Coffee Shop that Changed a Church: Discovering the Net Effect by Steve Parr – Reviewed by Peter Vavrosky

Modern Reformation Vol. 23 No. 5

4     Letter From the Editor by Ryan Glomsrud

5     Interview – Reformation Romania – Question and Answer with Mihai Corcea

9     Christ & Christ – “Love (III)” by George Herbert

10     The Greatest STory Ever Told – The International Gospel by Zach Keele

13     Interview – Making Room – Question and Answer by Christine D. Pohl

18     Feasting with Christ by Michael S. Horton

26     The Invitational Life: Extending the Hospitality of Christ by Craig Van Dixhoorn

30     Be My Guest by Mary Ellen Godfrey

36     Welcoming a Pariah? By Anonymous

40     Spirit-Formed Communities by Kelley M. Kapic

47      Book Reviews:


Kalantzis and Lee

Beeke and Boekestein

56     Geek Squad – Crowded House: A Short History of a Reformation Parsonage

60      Back Page – The Practice of Table Graces by Brooke Ventura

World Vol. 29 No. 21 October 18, 2014

34     Majestic, messy Montana

One of the most colorful Senate races this year features an ‘anarchist at heart’ running against a mild-mannered congressman amid a stunning, picturesque backdrop

42     Balkan betrayal, again and again

In a region long used as a pawn by great powers, reformers have reason to be suspicious of the West

46     Broken home

Another adopted teen returned to foster care, this time with heavy publicity. What went wrong?

50     One toke over the line?

State laws on marijuana are changing rapidly, but is it too much too soon?

Christian Research Journal Vol. 37 No. 4 2014

8     Effective Evangelism – Taking Risks and Being Creative in Christian Witness

10     Practical Hermeneutics – Did Jesus Go to Hell?

12     Left Behind: From Root to Ripened Fruit by Hank Hanegraaff

26     A Mind for the Beautiful by Bob Perry

32     Materialism for the Masses: Cosmos Reboot Distorts the History of Science and Scrubs the Evidence for Intelligent Design by Casey Luskin

42     “Jesus-Shaped” Cultures: How Faithful Christians Have Transformed Societies by Paul Copan

48     How Does Sanctification Work? (Part Two) by David Powlison

60     Church Discipline

JETS Vol. 57 No. 3 September 2014

467     The Genesis of Resurrection Hope: Exploring its Early Presence and Deep Roots by Mitchell L. Chase

481     Dispensing with Merely Human Meaning: Gains and Losses from Focusing on the Human Author, Illustrated by Zephaniah 1:2-3 by Vern S. Poythress

501    The Exile and Return Model: A Proposal for the Original Macrostructure of the Hebrew Canon Hendrik J. Koorevaar

513    Adumbrations of Atonement Theology in the Fourth Gospel by D. A. Carson

523    “Raised on the Third Day According to the Scriptures”: Resurrection Typology in the Genesis Creation Narrative by Nicholas P. Lunn

537    Covenant and the Warnings of Hebrews: The Blessing and Curse by Matthew McAffee

555    New Testament Textual Criticism in the Ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon by Elijah Hixson

571    Heaven and Nature Sing: How Evangelical Theology Can Inform the Task of Environmental Protection (and Vice Versa) by Russell D. Moore

Journal of Dispensational Theology Summer/Fall 2014

107     The Role ofthe symbols in James’ Use of Amos 9:11-12 in Acts 15:15-18 by Peter J. Goeman

127     Hermeneutical Keys to the Olivet Discourse: Part 3: Matthean Eschatology (Matt 24-25) by Ray M. Wenger

161     Authority Inversion: The Subversion of Pastoral Leadership by Tony Garland

Book Reviews

195     Armstrong, Tad. It’s Ok to Say God

197     Burpo, Todd. Heaven Is for Real

181     Campbell, Lain D., et al. Engaging with Keller

179     Criswell, David. The Apostles after Jesus

190     DeRouchie, Jason S. What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared

191     Gentry, Peter J., et al. Kingdom through Covenant

188     Goggin, Jamin, et al. Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics

183     Stanley, Alan P. (ed.). Four Views on the Role ofWorks

186     Walker, Jeremy. The New Calvinism Considered

Christian Educators Journal Vol. 54 No. 1 October 2014

4     The Task of Christian Education in Creating an Inclusive Worldview by David W. Anderson

11     Karl Barth’s Mozart by John Macinnis

15 Learning in the Courtyard of the Gentiles by justin Cook

23 Teachers Matter by Mary Kooy

29     Love, Creation, Virtue as Models for Environmental Education by jeff Ploegstra

33     In Defense of Reading by Bill Boerman-Cornell