Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Vol. 39 No. 1 Sept. 2014

3-14     A Revival of the Succession Narrative and the Case Against it by JOHN VAN SETERS

15-30     Why [the Hebrew Word for “light, lamp, and/or dominion] in Kings? By DAVID B. SCHREINER

31-54     The Coherence of Psalm 24 by PHILIP SUMPTER

55-78    ‘Off-Centering’ in The Satanic Verses and the Book of Ezekiel: Postcolonial Response to Alienation by SAMANTHA JOO

79-100     Confessions of an Impotent Potentate: Reading Daniel 4 through the Lens of Ritual Punishment Theory by THOMAS SCOTT CASON

101-118    The Use and Abuse of Power in Amos: Identity and Ideology by DANIEL TIMMER