Christianity Today Vol. 58 No. 8 October 2014


17     Witness – Ebola brings Africa’s medical missionaries worldwide attention

18     Gleanings – Watchdog bloggers police their own, Googling the Antichrist, and the world’s evangelical turn

21     Headlines – Discipling Mark Driscoll, what African pastors are not reading, and asking if your Bible was made ethically

29     Where We Stand – Why ISIS must be stopeed

32     Open Question – Kevin Theriot, Karen Swallow Prior, and Kristen Blair debate the value of Common Core

34     Wayfaring – Wesley Hill says goodbye is hard – and that’s okay

36     Past Imperfect – David Neff is thankful for early conservationist efforts for the common good

38     Silent No More – Asian American Christians are leading the church and reaching people untouched by others

48     People of the Words – Why the pulpit (and not the screen) still belongs at the center of our churches

52     Rising Above the Spectacle – Autralia pastor Mark Sayers says true leadership has to be about more than book sales and retweets

56     Blessed are the Broke – And rich are the financially desperate. Just ask my family.

60     The Unlikely Innovator – Two traditional Christian universitites embraced Michael Clifford’s visison for online ed. They are now giants in the field.

67     Books:

Michael Horton’s Ordinary, reviewed by Phillip Cary

Nathan Foster’s The Making of an Ordinary Saint, reviewed by Jen Pollock Michel

Excerpt: True Paradox, by David Skeel

Interview: Anny Donewald’s Dancing for the Devil

72     Movies:

Andy Crouch celebrates how For the Life of the World pictures an old idea on how to live out the faith