Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol. 50 No. 4 October 2014

Global Missions Today

395     A Discernable Quintet Impacting Church and Mission by Samuel E. Chiang

398     Every Person (from Everywhere) by Sadiri Joy Tira

401     The Great Shift: Africa in Missions by Lazarus Phiri

405     Participation in God’s Mission: Learning to Shine Like Stars by C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell

408     Navigating Post-Christendom Cultures: The Future of Mission in North America by David Fitch

414     Missiographic: 50 years of EMQ by Stan Nussbaum and ]ames Nelson

Regular Features

390     A Second Look: The Importance of History to Missiology by Gary Corwin

490     Voices in the Local Church: Every Member on Mission through Churches Everywhere by Mike Constantz

498     Excellence in Missions: 50 Years of EMQ: Looking Back and Forward


420     Seeing “Inside” the Insider Movement: Nine Theological lenses by Leonard N. Bartlotti

434     Spanish Spirituality: Who Is Most Open to Christ? By Rick Satterthwaite

448     What Is Truth? Religion,Relationships,and Reality in Post-modern Spain by ByLes Cowan

458     “Adopting” a New life by Michael Chung

464     Practicing the Welcoming Gospel: Hospitality in Cross-cultural Ministries by Benjamin D. Espinoza

484     The Importance of Communication in Establishing a Hispanic Ministry by Karen Aguilar

490     A Vision for Partnership: Radio as a Case Study by Curt Cole