Modern Reformation Vol. 23 No. 4 July-August 2014


18     Faith and Mental Illness by Michael S. Horton

26     Bear One Another’s Burdens by Anonymous

28     Life and Death in the Valley of the Shadow by Simonetta Carr

34     Living with Mental Illness – A conversation with Jed Paschall

38     Caring for Those in Distress by Craig Marshall


4     Letter from the Editor by Ryan Glomsrud

5     Interview – Caring for Body and Soul – Q and A with Harold Senkbeil

10     Theology – Through the Looking Gladd: The Identity of Women in the Image of God by Brooke Ventura and Amy Alexander

14     The Greatest Story Every Told – The Light of Dawn by Zach Keele

45     Book Reviews by Albers, Meller, and the Thurber, Pless, and the Wells

52     Geek Squad – William Cowper: Depression and the Art of Hymn Writing

56     Back Page – Jonathan Carr 1993-2014