Journal of Dispensational Theology Summer/Fall 2014

107     The Role ofthe symbols in James’ Use of Amos 9:11-12 in Acts 15:15-18 by Peter J. Goeman

127     Hermeneutical Keys to the Olivet Discourse: Part 3: Matthean Eschatology (Matt 24-25) by Ray M. Wenger

161     Authority Inversion: The Subversion of Pastoral Leadership by Tony Garland

Book Reviews

195     Armstrong, Tad. It’s Ok to Say God

197     Burpo, Todd. Heaven Is for Real

181     Campbell, Lain D., et al. Engaging with Keller

179     Criswell, David. The Apostles after Jesus

190     DeRouchie, Jason S. What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared

191     Gentry, Peter J., et al. Kingdom through Covenant

188     Goggin, Jamin, et al. Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics

183     Stanley, Alan P. (ed.). Four Views on the Role ofWorks

186     Walker, Jeremy. The New Calvinism Considered