Modern Reformation Vol. 23 No. 5

4     Letter From the Editor by Ryan Glomsrud

5     Interview – Reformation Romania – Question and Answer with Mihai Corcea

9     Christ & Christ – “Love (III)” by George Herbert

10     The Greatest STory Ever Told – The International Gospel by Zach Keele

13     Interview – Making Room – Question and Answer by Christine D. Pohl

18     Feasting with Christ by Michael S. Horton

26     The Invitational Life: Extending the Hospitality of Christ by Craig Van Dixhoorn

30     Be My Guest by Mary Ellen Godfrey

36     Welcoming a Pariah? By Anonymous

40     Spirit-Formed Communities by Kelley M. Kapic

47      Book Reviews:


Kalantzis and Lee

Beeke and Boekestein

56     Geek Squad – Crowded House: A Short History of a Reformation Parsonage

60      Back Page – The Practice of Table Graces by Brooke Ventura