Journal of Psychology & Christianity Vol. 33 No. 3 Fall 2014

203     Connections Between Relational Theologies, Personalism, and a Natural Systems Worldview by Don MacDonald

212     Spirituality, Hope, Compassion, and Forgiveness: Contributions of Pentecostal Spirituality to Godly Love by Geoffrey W. Sutton, Kayla Jordan and Everett L. Worthington, Jr.

227     Playing Our Cards Face Up: The Positive Power of Acknowledging Sexual Arousal Within the Therapeutic Setting by Roy Barsness and Brad D. Strawn

240     Experiences and Utilization of Member Care in an International Missionary Sample by K. Elisabet Hogstrom and Heather Davediuk Gingrich

254     The Relationship of Religious and Existential Variables to Scores on the Animal-Human Continuity Scale by Frank L. King, John C. Thomas, Gary R. Habermas, Donald I Templer, and Kimberly Tangen

263     A Preliminary Investigation of the Relationship Between Religion and Marital Adjustment Among Christian Adults From a Conservative Denomination by Joshua J. Knabb

Clinician’s Columns:

277     Engaging Clients with Cultural Humility by Joshua N. Hook

281     Secondary and Vicarious Trauma: Implications for Faith and Clinical Practice by David C. Wang, Daniel Strosky, and Alexis Fletes

287     A Secret Social Phobia by Steve Allison

289     Book Reviews by Rodney L. Bassett, Editor