Leadership Journal Vol. 35 No. 4 Fall 2014


30     Leading in Prayer – Max Lucado on how good prayers shake heaven and shape community. Interview by Drew Dyck

35     Doing Community Behind Bars – Prison ministry demands really practical theology. By Larry Dixon

38     The Mars & Venus Church Staff – A field guide to navigating gender sensitivities. By Margot Starbuck

40     Is Faith Sufficient for Membership? A case study in leadership discernment.

44     It Takes a Church – Adopting five foster children is impossible, unless you have the right support. By Jason Johansen

49     Serving Immigrants Saved Our Church – How welcoming the stranger revived a declining congregation. By Michael Lynch

54     Make Room for Me – New research reveals what Millennials like and don’t like about churches and what we can do to reach them. By Marian V. Liautaud



18    When Small is Better – Reenvisioning small church success. Interview with Karl Vaters

22    3 Mistakes – When Changing the World

24    Reaching Churchless America – Commentary by David Kinnaman


65    Merge Ahead – A way forward for declining churches

74    Leadership Shorts – Summary of  View from the Top by D. Michael Lindsay

78    Ideas that Work – Innovations around the ministry world.


85    High Anxiety – Leaders have lots of reasons to worry… and one overriding reason not to.

90    Getting to ‘Aha’ – Kyle Idleman on steps to transformation

94    For the Love of Fierce Variety – Commentary by Mark Buchanan