Psychology Today Vol. 47 No. 6 November/December 2014


9-23     How to change minds; why we knock on wood; the myth of cool; a year of broken rules


27     Eccentric’s Corner – Rewriting the rules of fan-celebrity connection.

30     Person of Interest – How Abraham Lincoln adopted the fathers he needed.


36     Nature’s Bounty – Meet the invasivores, set on developing a taste for the wildest things.

39     Sex – The purpose of female orgasm has eluded science, but it may be nearing discovery.

42     Mind Your Body – Could demographics offer a shortcut for treatment plans?


44     Books – Brian R. Little and David L. Charney explore the out-of-character acts of spies and others.

50     Rant – the search for your authentic self is as misguided as hunting for unicorns.


52     Let It Go!

Money hangups. Divorce litigation. Old hurts. Secrets of any kind. Many are the ways we can get stalled in life. Analyzing mistakes, yours or others’, can take you only so far. Getting past the past requires a smart strategy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to restarting your life. BY JUDITH SILLS, PH.D

60     A Death by Design –

L’Wren Scott fashioned fabulous clothes for the A-list. Her beau was Mick Jagger. When she took her own life last March, she confounded everyone. But beneath the glamour was a fragility that few got to see. By ABBY ELLIN

68     Art These Rules Worth Breaking?

Do you play a little hooky, fudge on your taxes, or cheat on exams? You’re not alone. Many people break the rules now and then. Here’s the science behind our everyday transgressions. By JENA PINCOTT
76     The Past is Written on Your Face

Our ancestors shape us in ways both subtle and profound. As the story of a mysterious people from the American South shows, the DNA trail holds clues and mysteries alike. By CHRISTINE KENNEALLY