World Vol. 29 No. 22 November 2014

34     The Return of Security Moms – National security concerns are an election force after a decade-long absence

40     Independents’ Day

COLORADO: Voters from neither party will likely decide the close Senate race

42     The Importance of Being Ernst

IOWA: The charm and farm-girl persona of GOP candidate Joni Ernst could win a U.S. Senate seat

44     Hijacking the Plains

KANSAS: Independent Greg Orman is giving Sen. Pat Roberts the race of his life-and the national Republican Party headaches

46     Southern Exposure

THE SOUTH: In a string of Senate races, pro-abortion groups are spending big to promote a shaded agenda

48     Lifetime Achievements

JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS: The underestimated executive power

50     Augusta to Honolulu

STATE LEGISLATURES: The underestimated political engine


54     The 7th Betrayal – As safe financial havens for corrupt leaders, the United States and others share some blame for Balkan problems