The Westminster Theological Journal Vol. 76 No. 2 Fall 2014

263     The Cognitive Peripheral Vision of Biblical Authors: J. Gresham Machen Chair Installation Lecture by G. K. BEALE

295     A Braver Palace Than Before: John Boyer Chair Inaugural Address by WILLIAM EDGAR


321     Three Modern Myths in Interpreting Genesis 1 by VERN S. POYTHRESS

351     Royal Priestly Heirs to the Restoration Promise of Genesis 3:15: A Biblical Theological Perspective on the Sons of God in Genesis 6 by RITA F. CEFALU

371     From Slight Peg to Cornerstone to Capstone: The Resurrection of Christ on “The Third Day” According to the Scriptures by STEPHEN G. DEMPSTER


411     Calvin on the Lord’s Supper: Revisiting an Intriguing Diversity, Part 2 by HENRI A. G. BLOCHER