Christianity Today Vol. 58 No. 9 November 2014

15     Witness – Brazil’s elections show evangelicals have influence.

16     Gleanings – Our favorite heresies, mental illness among pastors, and a new Bible translation for persecuted Christians.

18     Under Discussion – Can my church declare that I’m not a Christian?

19     Headlines – The African megachurch pastor asked to help halt Ebola, and stop surveying ‘white evangelical Protestants.’

27     Where We Stand – Domestic Neglect

30     Open Question – Deanna Witkowski, C. Michael Hawn, and Monqiue M. Ingalls parse the difference between worship and performance.

32     Hermeneutics – Megan Hill leaves awesome words for God.

34     Spirited Life – Andrew Wilson believes in healing, even for his autistic children.

36    On the Edge of Extinction – For Mideast Christians, 2014 has been a year of bloody disaster. Could this be the end for these earliest churches? By Philip Jenkins

44     Why we Lost the Marriage Plot – And how Christians in the arts can bring it back by W. David 0.Taylor

50     Putting ‘Success’ in Succession – Prominent pastors go public with how to wisely pass the leadership baton by Warren Bird

54     Guided by the Great Cloud – Why tradition is vital for understanding Scripture by Gerald R.McDermott

55     Books

Rob Moll’s What Your Body Knows About God, review by Jenell Williams Paris

Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung’s Vainglory, review by Karen Swallow Prior

Top 5: Books best read in the wilderness, by Leslie Leyland Fields

Interview: Philip Yancey’s Vanishing Grace

58     The Survivor – Nancy Writebol, who contracted deadly Ebola, on what it will take to battle the epidemic. Interview by Morgan Lee

96     Testimony – A French atheist followed a girl-and found faith instead.