Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport Vol. 85 No. 2 June 2014


Note From the Editor-in-Chief

125     Together, We Move Science Forward by Weimo Zhu


127     Advancing Kinesiology Through Improved Peer Review by Duane V Knudson, James R. Morrow Jr., and Jerry R. Thomas

136     Critical Measurement Issues/Challenges in Assessing Aerobic Capacity in Youth by Kirk J. Cureton and Matthew T. Mahar


International Viewpoints on Effective Teaching in Physical Education

144     Quality Physical Education: A Commentary on Effective Physical Education Teaching by Ben Dyson

153     Effective Teaching in Physical Education: Slovenian Perspective by Rado Pisot, Matej Plevnik, and Vesna Sternberger

Top 10 Research Questions

157     Top 10 Research Questions Related to Growth and Maturation of Relevance to Physical Activity, Performance, and Fitness by Robert M. Malina

174     Top 10 Research Questions Related to Musculoskeletal Physical Fitness Testing in Children and Adolescents by Sharon Ann Plowman


188     In-Shoe Plantar Pressures and Ground Reaction Forces During Overweight Adults’ Overground Walking by Marcelo P. de Castro, Sofia C. Abreu, Helena Sousa, Leandro Machado, Rubim Santos, and ]octo Paulo Vilas-Boas

198     Perceived Parental Social Support and Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity in Children at Risk of Obesity by Jennifer Brunet, Catherine M. Sabiston, Jennifer O’Loughlin, Marie-Eve Mathieu, Angelo Tremblay, Tracie A Barnett, and Marie Lambert

208     Motivational Climate, Staff and Members’ Behaviors, and Members’ Psychological Well-Being at a by National Fitness Franchise by Theresa C. Brown and Mary D. Fry

218     Modifying Equipment in Early Skill Development: A Tennis Perspective by Tim Buszard, Damian Farrow, Machar Reid, and Rich S.W. Masters

226     Self-Controlled Practice Enhances Motor Learning in Introverts and Extroverts by Angelica Kaefer, Suzete Chiviacowsky, Cassia de Miranda Meira Jr., and Go Tani

234     Should I Stay or Should I Go? Physical Education Teachers’ Career Intentions by Kasper Makela, Mirja Hirvensalo, and Peter R. Whipp


245     An Accelerometry-Based Approach to Assess Loading Intensity of Physical Activity on Bone by Sarah Kelley, Georgina Hopkinson, Siobhan Strike, Jin Luo, and Raymond Lee

251     Development of a Prediction Model to Predict VO2 peak in Adolescent Girls Using the Bruce Protocol to Exhaustion by Mallory R. Marshall, Dawn P. Coe, and James M. Pivarnik

257     Health-Related Fitness of American Indian Youth by Timothy A Brusseau, Tom Finkelstein, Pamela H. Kulinna, and Connie Pangrazi