Psychology Today Vol.48 No.1 January/February 2015


9-25    Meet the people who take pictures of themselves every day; learn a better way to challenge snobs; improve your daily commute; and find out what your birth season foretells.


29    Eccentric’s Corner – British psychologist Susan Blackmore is the queen of consciousness.


35    Nature’s Bounty – Food is now a means of remedying a broad array of social ills.  Call it tomato salvation.

38    Mind Your Body – Emerging methods of electrical brain stimulation may have you zapping your way to better mental health.


42    Addiction — Embracing and sharing personal narratives is essential for addicts in recovery.


44    Beyond Happiness – There’s a world of negative emotions out there, and while they are accompanied by some discomfort, they are designed to make you feel betting in the long run.  They can change your physiology and your motivation and stimulate you to make needed changes in your life.  BY MATTHEW HUTSON

54    The Wunderkind Club – People who hit the big time when their peers are just struggling to get a foothold negotiate a privileged but tricky path for the rest of their lives.  The best plan may be to never look back.  BY LISA BIRNBACH

62    Obsessed – Who hasn’t suffered the pangs of love?  Yet some people endure lovesickness so severe that they assume intrusive behaviors such as harassment and stalking.  Here’s a look at romantic obsession.  BY LISA A. PHILLIPS

70    Building the Perfect Day – We wake up every morning hoping to be productive, healthy, and sensual.  But we typically fail.  Now discover how to hack your routine, hour by hour, to get the most out of every day of the year.  BY HOLLY PEVZNER