Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol.51 No.1 January 2015

Regular Features
6 A Second look: Bridging the Divide(s)
By Gary Corwin

92 Voices in the local Church: “What a Strange Family!” Church-Agency Partnerships
By Bruce Huseby

98 Excellence in Missions: Moving from Dependence to
Independence: A Global South View of Church-Mission Relationships
By Carlos Diaz

104 NEW SECTION! Orality in Missions: How Would Jesus Tell It?
Crafting Stories from an Honor-Shame Perspective
By Jackson Wu

110 Book Reviews

10 A Personal Case Study in Cross-cultural Learning and Growth
By Andy Opie

20 One Method Does Not fit All: Case Studies in Muslim Diaspora
By Caitlin Roam

30 Faith in a Second Language
U.P. Maria

38 Seven Helpful Reminders for Building Relationships in Group-oriented Cultures
By Paul Sadler

46 Symposium: The “De-missionization” of Missions
By Marvin Newell with responses by Douglas McConnell, Karin Butler Primuth, and JR Rozko
58 Models of Ministry with the Transient Poor
By Andrew Ng and Michael Crane

70 Sharing Resources in Contexts of Poverty
By Daniel Rickett

80 lsa on the Diaspora Road: A Conversation with
John Becker and Paul Dzubinski

88 The Power of Short-term Missions
By H. Porter Speakman